Thursday, May 29, 2008

Crescent Rolls Filled With Chocolate

Finally ...

My first entry for my project.

Intercourses. A fun book based on the possibility that some foods are aphrodisiacs. I plan on trying most -- not all -- the recipes in the book and reporting on them. I will not make the oyster recipes. Hubby and I both cringe at the thought of slurping down an oyster on the half-shell. I don't really want to prepare and cook them either. How can something that makes us feel icky and urpy when looking at it make us want to um ... take advantage of the reported "effects" of the food? Also, we're not big drinkers, so I probably won't be making the alcoholic drinks, either. Besides, with our work schedules, the only time we have to drink is during the week, but I have to wake early for work, so I nixed that idea. Making the recipes with the edible flowers is still up in the air.

Anyway -- away we go.

First recipe I made was the Crescent Rolls Filled with Chocolate.

How were they? Scrumptous. Regular refrigerator crescent rolls, 8 blocks of bittersweet chocolate, all rolled up, basted in an egg yolk, milk and sugar wash, and baked for 13 minutes. Cooled for 15 minutes.

Next time, though, I won't let them cool quite so long. I like my rolls warm and gooey. Any aphrodisiac qualities? No. Hubby ate three of these. I ate two. A & J each had half of one. Of course, if there were any desire-ous feelings -- they were completely wiped out after trying to clean up the melted chocolate all over the boys.

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Christina said...

They may not "work," but they look darn yummy-good.