Monday, June 29, 2009

Bugger ...

Our ten year old Bradford Pear Tree. It fell victim to the thunderstorm that rolled through town last Thursday night. We never heard it fall. I cried when I saw it. At least it didn't do any damage to the house. It fell on a fence, but that seems to have withstood the weight of the tree. The tree company will be at the house early this week to remove the tree and grind out the stump, and then I'll be able to see if the fence really did survive or not. God, if not, we're screwed. I miss the tree already. It provided our only shade in the front yard. It was a favorite perch for a singing cardinal. It was located right outside the master bedroom window and provided privacy.

Anyone know of a fast growing shade tree that won't be too big to plant near a house?

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Lucy said...

Heart-breaking when a beautiful, well-loved tree is felled in that ideas, I'm afraid. But the possibility of the new is exciting, too. Keep us updated, will you?

Who Has Time To Cook? said...

Now that the tree has been removed, the empty space just rips my heart apart. We are looking into replacement trees, but I just can't get into the project. Thanks for stopping by. -- Jean