Thursday, August 13, 2009

One of My Favorites -- Grilled Chicken Saltimbacca

This is one of my personal favorite recipes to make in the summer. I usually have fresh sage on hand and it is so easy to make. A real "Fast Food" type of meal. Little prep, little clean up, a lot of flavor.
Chicken breasts, prosciutto, lemon, sage and olive oil. (you can add salt and pepper, too, if you like)

Fresh sage. It's a unique taste and texture, but is absolutely wondrous when it's cooked. I've been wanting to try deep-fried sage leaves as a tasty garnish, but haven't had a chance yet.

Fresh proscuitto.

Lemon juice. The ultimate summer taste and smell. As I was rolling this lemon on my cutting board to release the juices, the oil came spraying out of the peel. I just massaged it into my hands and kept going, taking time to sniff the fragrance every so often.

So, mix the fresh lemon juice and olive oil together. Add salt and pepper here if you like.
Coat the chicken breasts in it. (If the breasts are on the thick side, you might want to pound them a little thinner. I should have done that with these in order to reduce and even out the cooking time.)
Place about three large sage leaves or 4 smaller leaves on each breast.

Then wrap each breast in a slice of proscuitto. If the breasts are large enough and you have enough proscuitto, you could use two slices for each breast.

Heat up the grill (I covered mine in foil, but you could grill them directly on the rack if you oil it well enough. You definitely don't want the proscuitto sticking to it and pulling off of the chicken.

Grill until the chicken is cooked all the way through (These took about 15 minutes, turning once.)

They turned out just perfect.

Trying to cut down on time and expense, I just served this with store-bought mustard potato salad. Salads go really well with this too.
So there you have it. My favorite summer-time grilled entree. It's really great for entertaining, just fancy up the sides a bit. A nice tomato and cucumber salad. A frozen berry dessert. It's quick, easy and so little clean up.
Everyone should have time to cook this -- About 35 minutes in all.

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Sarah said...

Jean, it looks absolutely heavenly. And I think that picture of the lemon all by itself is a piece of art, truly!