Thursday, May 26, 2011

Stay Tuned ... Again.

Sorry. My camera is broken. I'm waiting on a new one.

Thanks all!

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Anonymous said...

well i never saw this blog, and i see no comments on it. SO, i took some time to read your posts. i loved them. the writing is fun, informative, and i loved the whole idea of testing the books. i think its awesome. dont know why you dont post anymore- but i think you should conisder getting a real collum at a newspaper of some sorts.

Who Has Time To Cook? said...

Dear anonymous -- Thanks for the comment! I keep meaning to write - really. Life, though. I'm the mother of 6 year old twin boys and I have a full time job - and well, that's my excuse, as flimsy as it is. I will despararely try to start the updates again - please check back again -- Jean